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  1. So I'd definitely try rat and mouse poison.
  2. Rat and mouse cells lack OXER1.
  3. What the humans did to the rats at the Rat and Mouse Club meeting was to kiss them.
  4. We only wrote about people like the woman who founded the Northeastern Rat and Mouse Club in New Jersey.
  5. To test if they would eat anything they were given, they were also fed prepared rat and mouse concentrate.
  6. It's difficult to find rat and mouse in a sentence.
  7. An inkling that the same drugs might also ward off cancer emerged from rat and mouse experiments in the 1990s.
  8. This configuration is conserved among the three known mammalian species with known coding for peripherin, namely human, rat and mouse.
  9. Experiments on three types of glyoxalase I ( yeast, rat and mouse forms ) supported the proton-transfer mechanism in every case.
  10. They blamed the empty lots filled with garbage and rat and mouse droppings, and pollutants emitted by the Port Morris incinerator.
  11. It's not just'germs'either-strains of rats and mice that are immune to the common kinds of rat and mouse poisons are also appearing.
  12. Thallium sulfate ( Tl 2 SO 4 ) is an outstanding vermin-killer, and it is a principal component in some rat and mouse poisons.
  13. The byproducts of poverty _ cockroach feces, dust mites, mold, dampness, drafts, and rat and mouse urine _ have all been found to exacerbate asthma.
  14. Even Debbie Ducommun, who founded the Rat Fan Club, a California-based rival of the Rat and Mouse Club International, concedes that rats have a public relations problem.
  15. But there are never any James Cagney impersonators whispering " you dirty rat " _ because Rat and Mouse Club International members insist that their rats are clean.
  16. Unlike most other mammalian genes, murine ( rat and mouse ) DAPK3 has undergone accelerated evolution and diverged from the tightly conserved consensus that is maintained from fish to human.
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