rat and mice in a sentence

"rat and mice" in Chinese  
  1. Rats and mice have been domesticated for more than 100 years.
  2. He will eat rats and mice, " she said.
  3. Expect lots of rats and mice unless predators increase in number.
  4. Rats and mice are both considered low-maintenance pets.
  5. The National Toxicology Program conducted an inhalation study in rats and mice.
  6. It's difficult to find rat and mice in a sentence.
  7. Triptolide has been reported to cause sterility in male rats and mice.
  8. He has a phobia of small rodents, especially rats and mice.
  9. Rats and mice are injected in lethal dose 50 ( LD50 ).
  10. These genes were obtained from humans, macaques, rats and mice.
  11. Another threat is poison used to kill rats and mice.
  12. As for domesticated rats and mice _ they're another story altogether.
  13. Rats and mice are most likely to infiltrate houses when outdoor temperatures drop.
  14. In small rodents such as rats and mice, it marks familiar paths.
  15. It originated in Germany where it was used to kill rats and mice.
  16. Yet they eat insects and rats and mice.
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