raszyn in a sentence

  1. Around 17.00 a combined attack was launched against Raszyn.
  2. Later, the school opened new branches in Raszyn and WrocBaw.
  3. Raszyn itself currently functions as a suburb of Warsaw, with many villas and shops located there.
  4. On May 24, 1931, a new transmitter, located at Raszyn near Warsaw, was commissioned.
  5. The "'longwave transmitter Raszyn "'is a longwave broadcasting transmitter near Raszyn, Poland.
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  7. The "'longwave transmitter Raszyn "'is a longwave broadcasting transmitter near Raszyn, Poland.
  8. On land the major battles included Battle of Raszyn, Battle of Aspern-Essling, and Battle of Wagram.
  9. The Poles again counterattacked at 21.00 and drove the Austrians from Raszyn but were unable to recapture the causeway.
  10. After the collapse of the Konstantyn體 radio mast in 1991, the transmitter in Raszyn yet again became the main broadcasting transmitter in Poland.
  11. On the morning of September 8, the suburbs of Gr骿ec, Radziejowice, Nadarzyn, Raszyn and Piaseczno were captured by forces of German XVI Panzer Corps.
  12. Together with the French, the Polish cavalry took part in many of the most notable battles of the Napoleonic period, including the battles of Raszyn, and many others.
  13. After the inauguration of the transmitter at Solec Kujawski, the transmitter at Raszyn was again used for transmitting on the frequency AM-LW ( long wave ) 198 kHz for the programme Radio Parliament.
  14. The mast of the Raszyn longwave transmitter was, at inauguration, the second-tallest man-made structure on earth and until 1962, with a height of, the tallest structure in Europe.
  15. Polish troops withstood the Austrian attack on Warsaw defeating them at Raszyn, then abandoned Warsaw in order to reconquer parts of pre-partition Poland including Krak體 and Lw體, forcing the Austrians to abandon Warsaw in futile pursuit.
  16. It remained a territory of the Austrian Empire even when in 1807 Napoleon I of France created the Duchy of Warsaw from territories in Greater Poland which Prussia had annexed in the Second and Third Partition and now was forced to renounce according to the Battle of Raszyn.
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