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  1. Some say Ramian at that time had great vineries and wines.
  2. Ramian was used in Parthian times as a castle.
  3. Ramian Wine is now a California wine brand but Shiraz wines are famous across the globe.
  4. SBawomir Ramian, who would be her battle partner, was put straight through and performed " Moja i twoja nadzieja " as a tribute.
  5. As book of Immortal Land } } or SarZamin e Javid ] ( by Zabihollah Mansoori ) says Ramian wines were world-famous in the Parthian Empire.
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  7. Apparently relishing the ground conditions, he was never headed, staying on strongly in the straight to win by one and a half lengths from the Dick Hern-trained Prince Bee, with Ramian two and a half length away in third.
  8. The game's setting, the planet Jorune, was colonized by successive waves of inhabitants after the evolution of the native life forms ( " Jorune creatures " ), including the insectoid Cleash, the bizarre Thriddle, and the broadly humanoid Ramian, culminating in the invasion of the human race.
  9. The province is divided into the following twelve counties ( shahrestans ) : Aliabad County, Aqqala County, Azadshahr County, Bandar-e Gaz County, Gonbad-e Qabus County, Gorgan County, Kalaleh County, Kordkuy County, Maraveh Tappeh County, Minudasht County, Ramian County, and Torkaman County.

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