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  1. This just looks at several days before his arrest in Raleigh,
  2. This wasn't the tobacco industry of Sir Walter Raleigh.
  3. His father was a Prudential agent in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  4. The state owns 75 percent of the Raleigh-based railroad.
  5. Records have also been set in Raleigh, Atlanta and Baltimore.
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  7. The Raleigh, North Carolina, company employs about 850 people.
  8. He is survived by his companion, Joy Weeber of Raleigh.
  9. The Explorers Middle School in Raleigh concentrates largely on new technologies.
  10. There was a shoe store in Raleigh called Heller's.
  11. I could have held my own with the legislature in Raleigh,
  12. In 1981, the festival staged some events in nearby Raleigh.
  13. He has a house in Raleigh that he wants to sell.
  14. Raleigh, we decided, really is a city of plenty.
  15. Raleigh Memorial Auditorium . $ 14-$ 56.50.
  16. Joshua Mauney, a junior from Raleigh said late Tuesday night.
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