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  1. He also belonged to the overlapping group around Sir Walter Ralegh.
  2. Bodin's view of parallelism of French and English monarchies was accepted by Ralegh.
  3. Brushfield made the career of Ralegh his main study for the rest of his life.
  4. This was excavated in 1923 by Ralegh Radford from a building near Westland Road in Yeovil.
  5. Wilson was knighted at Whitehall on 20 July 1618, and in September of that was selected to interrogate Walter Ralegh.
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  7. Outlying hamlets of Whimple include Cobden, Hand & Pen, Woodhayes, Slewton Combe, Larkbeare, Strete Ralegh and Marsh Green.
  8. In 1618, according to Chamberlain, he penned the defence of Sir Lewis Stukeley against the charge of betraying Sir Walter Ralegh.
  9. In 1594 he prepared some ships to adventure with Ralegh, but was  stayed for other service by the Queen s command.
  10. In 2001 Aronson won the first Robert F . Sibert Medal for nonfiction for " Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado ".
  11. After an attack on the Spanish fleet led by Walter Ralegh, in which he took part, he was one of the first to enter the town.
  12. Also found in the sixth-century fort at Tintagel were numerous remains of expensive pottery, glasswork, and coins from C . A . Ralegh Radford ).
  13. He was a juryman at the trial of Sir Walter Ralegh on 15 September 1603, when through some misunderstanding he incurred the displeasure of the attorney-general.
  14. The intake for the academic year 1993 1994 was increased to allow for the creation of an extra form group called " 7 Frobisher-Ralegh ".
  15. Topics include : the execution of Sir Walter Ralegh; an epitaph for William Camden; an epistle to Baudius; and verses on the naturalists Rondeletius and Lobelius.
  16. For the purposes of the House Championship, the form group was considered part of Ralegh, but otherwise it was a separate House under Mr J G A Palmer.
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