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  1. The work earned Ralea the Institut de France's Prix Osiris
  2. Although fascist, the new regime reinstated Ralea to his professorship.
  3. Ralea divulged this offer to the Soviet envoy, Andrey Vyshinsky.
  4. Ralea and his group continued to campaign on their own.
  5. By then, Ralea was leaving behind his sociological research.
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  7. It stars Luminia Gheorghiu, Marian Ralea and Ana Ularu.
  8. Scholar Mihai Ralea allegedly called him " an incompetent, evil rube ".
  9. Ralea was not an anti-modernist, but rather a particular modernist.
  10. Ralea's energies were also drawn into administrative disputes and professional rivalries.
  11. The transformation was accelerated during Ralea's last 15 years of life.
  12. Ralea's Socialist Peasantists were eventually absorbed into the Ploughmen's Front.
  13. Ralea had had friendly contacts with his former supervisor, Foreign Minister Ana Pauker.
  14. Ralea's survival in the post-Pauker era was an unusual feat.
  15. After his French sojourn, Ralea infused Poporanism and collectivism with both mutualist economics.
  16. For a while, Ralea managed a Romanian restaurant owned by the banker Aristide Blank.
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