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  1. The Montgomery County authorities subsequently approved Rales's request unanimously.
  2. Smith's lawyer, Ron Rale objected strongly to this request.
  3. This significant violation helped precipate Father Rale's War.
  4. Rale also succeeded in attaching the tribe to the New France cause.
  5. The pacient has rales, coughs and other pulmonary symptoms.
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  7. Father Rale escaped them, but they burned his church.
  8. He also described tubal breathing and pulmonary rales or crackles.
  9. Twenty-two volunteers make calls for Ruth Rales.
  10. The first treaty was signed in 1725 after Father Rale's War.
  11. Speaking the Abenaki language fluently, Father Rale immersed himself in Indian affairs.
  12. With them were Rale and Superior of the Missions Pierre de la Chasse.
  13. The match was part of a world tour under new coach Rale Rasic.
  14. Ruth Rales has run a telephone reassurance program for six years, Faffer said.
  15. Faffer expects the telephone service at Ruth Rales to grow 35 percent every year.
  16. Early operations of Father Rale's War happened in the Nova Scotia theatre.
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