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  1. No radiotherapists said they would want it.
  2. More immediately, it could enable radiotherapists to tailor treatment more closely to patients'requirements.
  3. In between, he rose to senior attending radiotherapist and twice served as chief of the department of radiotherapy.
  4. Some radiotherapists proceed to gain their full Master's and Doctoral degrees to work as Consultant Radiotherapists in the UK.
  5. Some radiotherapists proceed to gain their full Master's and Doctoral degrees to work as Consultant Radiotherapists in the UK.
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  7. In 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, he became radiotherapist with the Emergency Medical Service in Cambridge.
  8. Radiotherapists are well aware of possible pulmonary toxicity, and take a number of precautions to minimise the incidence of this side effect.
  9. Cade, who was a pioneer in the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy, first conducted joint clinics with radiotherapists at the Westminster Hospital.
  10. "' Hugo Flecker "'( 1884-1957 ) was an Australian medical practitioner, radiotherapist, toxicologist and natural historian.
  11. "' Berta Jereb "'( born 25 May 1925 in rne e ) is a Slovenian oncologist and the first Slovenian radiotherapist.
  12. Lenz's unusual linguistic abilities-besides Russian and English he was fluent in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish-made him an internationally known figure among radiotherapists.
  13. To further scientific and medical collaborations between radiologists, radiotherapists, physicians, and physicists, Johns guided the creation of the Graduate Department in Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto in 1958.
  14. Subsequently founded societies included the British Association of Radiologists ( 1934 ), the Society of Radiotherapists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( 1935 ) and the Faculty of Radiologists ( 1939 ).
  15. This would enable radiotherapists to match radiation doses more closely to individual patients _ reducing exposure to avoid excessive side-effects in people who are extremely sensitive, and raising the dose to kill more cancer cells in those who are more tolerant.
  16. Mammograms are either looked at by one ( single reading ) or two ( double reading ) trained professionals : these film readers are generally radiologists, but may also be radiographers, radiotherapists or breast clinicians ( non-radiologist physicians specialising in breast disease ).
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