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  1. Radiological tests at the national epidemiological center identified the substances as radioactive waste.
  2. It is imaging, a category of radiological tests that includes MRIs, CT scans, and nuclear medicine.
  3. Radiological tests at the national epidemiological center identified the substances as low-level radioactive waste, authorities said.
  4. This is followed by a proper clinical examination, a blood test and, in some cases, a radiological test.
  5. Prior to the weapons drop, it transported personnel and material ( including radiological test samples ) to support the testing.
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  7. Radiological tests, such as X-ray, CT scans which demonstrate " ring-enhancing brain lesions ", and MRIs, can also be used to detect diseases.
  8. In Scott's May, 2008 sentencing trial, Dr . Arthur deLorimier, a lieutenant colonel at Walter Reed, testified that the girl faces increased risks of cancer from repeated radiological tests, is developmentally delayed, and is in danger of future emotional problems.
  9. "Fee-for-service was like buying a car with all the options, and the manufacturer made money on the options, " he remarked, speaking of the tendency of some doctors to order from a long menu of biological and radiological tests.
  10. Patients and their doctors are so hooked on new ultrafast machines that see inside the body and produce photo-sharp pictures of everything from tiny clogged arteries to athletes'torn tendons that radiological tests are threatening to overtake pharmaceuticals as the fastest-growing component of health-care costs.

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