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  1. The resulting radiological survey map is then used by excavators.
  2. A comprehensive radiological survey was completed in 1980 to record transuranic contamination remaining from the 1962 THOR missile aborts.
  3. Prior to inactivation, the unit flew photo, airlift, and radiological survey missions during atomic testing at the Nevada Test Site.
  4. More than five events involving failure to perform proper radiological surveys to detect radioactivity constitutes a low-to-moderate safety problem, federal officials said.
  5. A subsequent radiological survey of beach, sand and seawater by staff from the Atomic Weapons Establishment concluded that there was no detectable contamination.
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  7. As part of Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program ( FUSRAP ) cleanup operations, a radiological survey was conducted of the site in 1985.
  8. The radiological survey of the northern Marshalls, compelled by the 1975 lawsuit, began only after the residents were removed and returned to Kili Island.
  9. Sagalevitch said his team also conducted a radiological survey of the submarine and its surroundings, searching for traces of plutonium, cesium and other radioactive elements.
  10. Because of this skill is required by the operator of radiological survey equipment to differentiate between background radiation and the radiation which emanates from contamination.
  11. In April 2009, the Department of Energy announced the transfer of $ 38.3 million to the EPA for a complete radiological survey of a area of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.
  12. However, a radiological survey commissioned in 1997 by Newbury District Council and Basingstoke and Deane found no evidence of a nuclear accident at Greenham Common, suggesting that Cripps and Stimson's claims were false.
  13. Fossils in this region are often slightly radioactive, and remains of " Animantarx " were actually discovered following a radiological survey of the area performed by Ramal Jones, which located a higher level of radioactivity at a certain location.
  14. Health physics and epidemiology continue to be major areas of activity for ORAU and ORISE . Activities include radiological surveys, dose reconstruction, and health screening for workers who may have been exposed to radioactive material, beryllium, or other toxins.
  15. A radiological survey verifies that they have no radioactive material on the outside, and the containers will then be hauled by " clean " trucks up to a railroad line to be placed on rail cars for the transportation to the disposal site near Crescent Junction.

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