radiological studies in a sentence

  1. They claimed radiological studies of adult pellagrins demonstrated marked osteoporosis.
  2. These are industry standard values used in radiological studies.
  3. They demanded a radiological study of the northern islands.
  4. Radiological studies as well as endoscopic procedures are unnecessary in the early management of these patients thus being relegated to recurrent or persistent bleeding.
  5. While in Tsingtao, he had the opportunity to perform radiological studies on the feet of Chinese women that had been subjected to the traditional practice of being crushed and bound.
  6. It's difficult to find radiological studies in a sentence.
  7. The First FRCR examination expects candidates to have gained a knowledge of the physical principles that underpin diagnostic medical imaging and of the anatomy needed to perform and interpret radiological studies.
  8. Because there are several congenital causes of mitochondrial dysfunction, the patients history, examination, and radiological studies must be examined in order to determine the specific genetic tests required.
  9. Decommissioned at Bikini on 28 August 1946, " Barrow " was taken to Kwajalein for radiological studies and observation before being scuttled just south of Kwajalein on 11 May 1948.
  10. If the patient has a history of smoking or the nodule is growing the possibility of cancer may need to be excluded through further radiological studies and interventions, possibly including surgical resection.
  11. The breast-volume data reported in " Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Grafting : A Clinical Radiological Study " ( 2010 ) indicated a mean increase of 1.2 times the initial breast volume, at six months post-procedure.
  12. This may occur as a result of an incidental finding of a sign unrelated to the parameter of interest, such as can occur in comprehensive tests such as radiological studies like magnetic resonance imaging or blood test panels that also include blood tests that are not relevant for the ongoing diagnosis.
  13. The body then underwent research, including a post-mortem, and then preservation, which was organised by conservator C . Lange-Kornbak, who had to decide which was the best way to do this . ( No entire bog body had ever been preserved before . ) He examined various methods for doing this, before deciding on a programme of radiological study, CT scanning, 3D visualisation, stereolithography and analyses of the gut contents.
  14. It is an end-to-end, integrated Solution, covering entire business cycle : patient management-( Registration, bed allocation, recording the vitals, online pathology tests, online radiological studies, Diagnosis, Prescription, Pharmacy, Discharge, etc . ), service management ( Ward management, M & R complaints, laundry management, inventory control and management, asset management, transport management ) and HR management through the following Modules:

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