radiological sciences in a sentence

  1. Phd is Chief professor of Radiological Science at Perlman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania.
  2. Experiments at the agency's National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Chiba began last year.
  3. The National Institute of Radiological Sciences hospital established in 1961 is a research hospital with a basic focus on radiation therapy.
  4. Also for students who wish to pursue advanced studies, each department has a graduate school except the Department of Radiological Sciences.
  5. Zerhouni is executive vice dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and chairman of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Science.
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  7. Starting in 1976, Hoffman was a professor at UCLA medical school in the Departments of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and Radiological Sciences.
  8. The radiology research facility at UCLA was opened in 1971 and named the " Leo G . Rigler Center for Radiological Sciences ".
  9. He is a Professor of Radiological Sciences and the Chief of the Medical Image Processing Group, Department of Radiology, at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  10. Dr . Gilgenbach has been at the University of Michigan since 1980 and has held his current position as Chair of the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department since 2010.
  11. The particles were found in soil samples from Sagami Bay, about 50 kilometers ( 30 miles ) southwest of Tokyo, researchers at the National Institute of Radiological Science said.
  12. Gary Was from the department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences explained that over 15 NERS courses rely on the reactor, as well as nearly every professor's research.
  13. "' Dr . Ronald M . Gilgenbach "'is a Professor and the current Chair of the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department at the University of Michigan.
  14. In 1995, a jury awarded more than $ 1.1 million to a UCLA Associate Professor Antoinette Gomes after she was denied promotion to full professor in the radiological sciences department.
  15. "It is troubling to us, obviously, " said John C . Lee, chairman of the University of Michigan's Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences.
  16. Gosling served on numerous committees of the University of London, notably relating to radiological science, and retained an active professional involvement in medical physics almost to the end of his life.
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