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  1. Such practice has been condemned by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.
  2. The Society of Radiological Protection was granted a Royal Charter in 2007.
  3. The Health Protection Agency Act 2004 repealed the Radiological Protection Act.
  4. The Society for Radiological Protection is the major stakeholder in RPA2000.
  5. His study is published in the latest Journal of Radiological Protection.
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  7. She was interested in the subjects of criticality safety and Radiological Protection-Health Physics.
  8. ;Committee 5 Protection of the environment : Concerned with radiological protection of the environment.
  9. Britain's National Radiological Protection Board rejects her warning, though.
  10. The ICRU is a sister organisation to the International Commission on Radiological Protection ( ICRP ).
  11. In the 21st century, the latest overall recommendations on an international system of radiological protection appeared.
  12. The coherent system of radiological protection quantities developed by them is shown in the accompanying diagram.
  13. Scenes outside the Space Defence Station were filmed at the National Radiological Protection Board at nearby Harwell.
  14. From 1999 till 2006 he was member of the German Commission on Radiological Protection ( SSK ).
  15. The Journal of Radiological Protection was started in 1981, and is currently published by Institute of Physics Publishing.
  16. Finally on 1 April 1992 the successor to the board was established, the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.
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