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  1. A radiological monitoring team boarded the ship on the morning of 28 August 1946, and declared her radiologically safe, clearing her to sail.
  2. On Friday he is to visit the Atomflot Shipyard near the Arctic city of Murmansk to view radiological monitoring and waste disposal programs.
  3. The area has become known as " Plutonium Valley ", and continues to be used on an intermittent basis for realistic drills in radiological monitoring and sampling operations.
  4. During that time, payments averaging about $ 18 million per year were made to the peoples of Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap, and Utrik for medical and radiological monitoring, and in response to claims.
  5. The CDSC continued teaching courses in program administration and finance, civil defense operations, and radiological monitoring among others, to State and local personnel, but by 1979, some new courses had been created on natural disaster operations.
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