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  1. In April 2010, the locality of Mayapuri was affected by a serious radiological accident.
  2. But the facility suffered a chemical explosion which led to a serious radiological accident in 2014.
  3. The safety of the scrap yards became a concern after the radiological accident which occurred in April 2010.
  4. There are also complaints concerning the lack of instructions to residents in the vicinity advising certain steps in case of a radiological accident.
  5. It said there have more than 1, 500 radiological accidents over the last 50 years _ an average of 30 a year _ that have killed at least eight people.
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  7. Recognizing the event as a serious radiological accident, the OAEP organized an emergency response team to manage the situation, in conjunction with the local public health and civil defense authorities.
  8. In addition to the radiological accident, the unexpectedly high yield of the device severely damaged many of the permanent buildings on the control site island on the far side of the atoll.
  9. In the event that a radiological accident occurs under academic conditions, campuses such as Tuskegee University are forming comprehensive risk plans to address potential campus emergencies in the event of a lab accidents.
  10. But the talks have taken on new urgency because North Korea says it has only until the end of this month to start reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods if it is not to risk a radiological accident.
  11. One example is the radiological accident occurring in Goi鈔ia, Brazil, between September 1987 and March 1988 : Two metal scavengers broke into an abandoned radiotherapy clinic and removed a teletherapy source capsule containing powdered caesium-137 with an activity of 50 TBq.
  12. Serious radiation accidents include the Kyshtym disaster, Windscale fire, radiotherapy accident in Costa Rica, radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza, radiation accident in Morocco, Goiania accident, radiation accident in Mexico City, radiotherapy unit accident in Thailand, and the Mayapuri radiological accident in India.
  13. The Radiation Emergency Assistance Center / Training Site ( REAC / TS ) continues to operate as a part of ORISE . A Cytogenetics Biodosimetry Laboratory has been established within ORISE to provide capabilities for measuring radiation dose and to conduct research to improve techniques for determining the doses received by victims of radiological accidents.

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