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  1. Bellin College also provides nursing and radiologic science classes for the Medical College of Wisconsin Green Bay campus.
  2. In addition, his wife, Melody, is to start attending the University of New Mexico this summer to study radiologic sciences.
  3. While a student there he edited portions of a radiologic physics textbook ( Radiologic Science for Technologists, Bushong, 4th Edition ).
  4. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists ( ASRT ), located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a professional membership association for medical imaging technologists, radiation therapists and radiologic science students.
  5. The Memphis University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry schools; Methodist Hospital Schools of Radiologic Sciences and Nursing; and the Baptist College of Health Sciences.
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  7. The Secretary of Health and Human Services was ordered to develop federal standards for the certification of radiologic technologists and the accreditation of educational programs in the radiologic sciences.
  8. There are over twenty undergraduate major programs at UC, with two majors being somewhat unique to the region, with few other colleges offering similar programs : Interior Design and Radiologic Science.
  9. The ASRT formed a Government Relations Department, launched an exhaustive grass-roots lobbying effort and built a coalition with other radiologic science organizations to gain support for the issue on Capitol Hill.
  10. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing ( Prelicensure BSN and RN to BSN ), and Career Associate of Science degrees in Nursing ( RN ) and Radiologic Science.
  11. Bachelor's degrees are offered in Biological Sciences, Business Administration / Management, Business Administration / Sports Management, Communication, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, English, Entrepreneurship and Management, Healthcare Management and Advocacy, History and Politics, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Radiologic Sciences and Psychology.

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