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  1. This includes HF contesting, Amateur Radio Direction Finding, and High Speed Telegraphy.
  2. But the base's radio direction finder only had a single loop antenna.
  3. Visibility was poor, and weather conditions prevented obtaining radio direction finder bearings.
  4. The boat also supports the Simrad TD-L1550 VHF-FM radio direction finder.
  5. The lifeboats also support the Simrad TD-L1550 VHF-FM radio direction finder.
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  7. Some ships also received a Huff-Duff radio direction finder on a short mainmast.
  8. Instead, Aebi had a sextant for celestial navigation and a radio direction finder.
  9. The radio direction finder is the earliest form of radio navigation.
  10. A Gerkules sonar was also fitted in addition to various radio direction finders.
  11. Pilots all along resorted to radio directions and visual sighting of the runway.
  12. Radio direction finders have evolved, following the development of new electronics.
  13. This was to confuse enemy aircraft who might be navigating using radio direction finding.
  14. BFRA was the host organization for the 2006 Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships.
  15. The bearing of the signal could be determined using Watt's radio direction finding techniques.
  16. Lear developed radio direction finders, autopilots, and the first fully automatic aircraft landing system.
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