radio dinner in a sentence

  1. Two years before this, the National Lampoon team spoofed Harrison's humanitarian role on record, in their track " The Concert in Bangla Desh " on the " Radio Dinner " album.
  2. He co-wrote the album Radio Dinner with Tony Hendra, and because of the album's success, he was assigned to direct and act on " The National Lampoon Radio Hour ".
  3. In 1972, Hendra co-created National Lampoon's first album " Radio Dinner " with Michael O'Donoghue, on which Hendra performed a parody of John Lennon titled " Magical Misery Tour ".
  4. Manchester made a brief speaking appearance as " Yoko Ono " on the 1972 album " National Lampoon Radio Dinner ", on the track entitled " Magical Misery Tour ", and as the background singer in " Deteriorata ".
  5. Rose was also the offscreen narrator for the telecast of Mikhail Baryshnikov's production of the ballet " The Nutcracker " ( 1977 ), a production that has been repeated many times on television and is available on DVD . He narrated the satirical " Deteriorata " for the National Lampoon album " Radio Dinner ".
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