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  1. Unlike Centric diatoms, Pennate diatoms are bilaterally not radially symmetric.
  2. They consist of a cylinder or disk with teeth projecting radially.
  3. He corrected the diagram in order to make it radially symmetric.
  4. The flow was then turned radially inwards to enter the turbine.
  5. Teeth are positioned radially around the outside of the flex spline.
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  7. Centrifugal force is the radially outward force that comes with rotation.
  8. Bilaterians likely evolved from an ancestor, which was radially symmetrical.
  9. The flowers hang downwards and are radially symmetrical ( regular ).
  10. Radially asymmetric systems may also be modeled with polar coordinates.
  11. Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers.
  12. Animals in the phyla cnidaria and echinodermata are radially symmetric,
  13. B6 S4 brakes consisted of radially ventilated disc brakes front and rear.
  14. Layers of mineral material are deposited radially around the nuclei.
  15. Shorter proximal apical dendrites project radially to local pyramidal cells and interneurons.
  16. The crack propagates radially, until the film is buckled.
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