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  1. The subcosta is incomplete fusing with Radial vein 1 before the apex.
  2. The forewings are dark purplish-fuscous, with the radial veins slightly emphasized by darker shading.
  3. The costa is interrupted near the end of Radial vein 1 and sometimes also near the humeral crossvein.
  4. The Pieridae have the radial vein on the forewing with three or four branches and rarely with five branches.
  5. Radial vein 2 + 3 ( R2 + 3 ) may end in R1 or end in the costa.
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  7. Together, these two sets of veins also collect blood from intramedullary radial veins as well as other veins.
  8. Radial vein R2 does not fuse with the costa, as in most other Tipulidae, but with radial vein R3.
  9. Radial vein R2 does not fuse with the costa, as in most other Tipulidae, but with radial vein R3.
  10. The point d on the anterior side of the triangle marks the articulation of the radial vein with the second axillary sclerite.
  11. The second axillary, therefore, is the pivotal sclerite of the wing base, and it specifically manipulates the radial vein.
  12. The middle radial vein is absent, the lower one comes from the lower cell-angle, the upper median vein below it separately.
  13. There is a small spot near the base of the interno-median area and four pearl-white spots on the disc between the submedian and radial veins.
  14. The antemedial fascia is outwardly curved near the cell and the lunulate postmedial fascia is curved proximally near the radial veins and terminates at the middle of the costa.
  15. The forewings of the males have a brownish black trapezoid spot at the middle of the costa and an elongate patch of androconial scales in the discal cell along the radial vein.
  16. It is obliquely hinged to the outer margin of the body of the first axillary, and the radial vein ( R ) is always flexibly attached to its anterior end ( d ).
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