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  1. They demanded reforms, including a clean presidential race this year.
  2. But Eileen Nelson was, starting a race of her own.
  3. 8 : 14 : Race officials have vacated the start platform.
  4. He thought finishing the race would boost my self-confidence.
  5. A few hours later, Holy Bull ran his first race.
  6. It's difficult to find racing in a sentence.
  7. Allows jockeys to wear advertisements on their clothing during horse races.
  8. It's hard to know how the race will unfold.
  9. Indurain knows those climbs well and always races strongly over them.
  10. Despite the reported advantage for Zedillo, the race appears tight.
  11. So, Saratoga remains an oasis in the desert of racing.
  12. "They're not covering the race ."
  13. All his father hoped was that Moreau would finish the race.
  14. Valiant Nature didn't just follow the leaders this race.
  15. There is one change in race relations that is beyond dispute.
  16. Up ahead, the race committee mark boat sat on anchor.
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