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  1. He also races yachts and plays guitar in his own blues band.
  2. This trip combines biking and walking with sailing on 12-meter racing yachts.
  3. By December, the hull will be transformed into a sleek racing yacht.
  4. Their pens have resulted in OneWorld's two race yachts, USA-65 and USA-67.
  5. In 1978, it was refitted with a rig developed for racing yachts.
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  7. This resulted in the first'Windermere'class racing yacht, having a waterline of 22'
  8. The carbon-fiber racing yachts are built to race in winds of 6-16 knots.
  9. He followed Bruce Farr in challenging accepted notions of offshore racing yacht design.
  10. Over 1000 spectator boats observe the 100 racing yachts at the starting line.
  11. Many of the race yachts were tied up at the dock.
  12. With any racing yacht, the largest contributor to variable costs are the sails.
  13. Today, women run successful fishing businesses and race yachts against men.
  14. Skipper Russell Coutts jumped from the Swiss race yacht beaming broadly.
  15. The days set aside between rounds allow challengers to modify their racing yachts.
  16. Thurwanger said none of the racing yachts or spectator boats were in danger.
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