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  1. If the United States does not move, retaliation is a racing certainty in mid-December,
  2. Not so much buying insurance as placing a bet, and in betting terms this would be a racing certainty.
  3. "A rate cut on Thursday is a racing certainty, " said Nigel Anderson, senior economist at Wrightson Associates in London.
  4. "A broad EMU start in 1999 is going to look less of a racing certainty than it did in Amsterdam, " said Cottrell.
  5. One can only imagine what he will do when he does break a world record, which according to his British coach Kim McDonald is a racing certainty.
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  7. EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said in Washington on Tuesday that EU retaliation would be " a racing certainty " if the ruling goes against the United States.
  8. "A broad EMU start in 1999 is going to look less of a racing certainty than it did in Amsterdam [ EU summit ], " said Cottrell.
  9. Relegation racing certainty FC Volendam ripped up the form book with a shock 4-1 win over Willem II Tilburg, only the bottom club's third victory of the season.
  10. By delaying the feed slightly, an accomplice on-course could communicate by telephone with one in a betting shop off-course who had already seen the result, and thus bet on a racing certainty.
  11. "If the chairman of the Fed says there's a risk of recession, it's a racing certainty rates will be cut-- I reckon on July 5, " said Michael Burke, a bond strategist at Citibank.
  12. A tip that is considered to be a "'racing certainty "', that is, almost completely certain to be true, is also called a "'nap "'and tipsters in newspapers will tend to indicate the " nap ".
  13. One of them, Dennis Skinner, said, " As for the man in charge, Sir Michael Peat, he works for the palace, he is paid by the palace, he was knighted by the palace, and it is a racing certainty that he will find for the palace ."
  14. Chasing 252 to win, another first-round cup exit for the Old Leightonians looked likely at 94 7, and a racing certainty at 163 9 . But No 9 batsman Michael Thomas, who had only been drafted into the side at the last minute, smashed a quite remarkable unbeaten 102 from 70 balls, and with No 11 Julian Shackel swatting a composed 27 not out, the OLs pulled off a one-wicket win in the penultimate over.

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