racing area in a sentence

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  1. He knows the waters, the winds and tides of the race area intimately.
  2. Race activity is monitored by cameras throughout the race area and on each racer's collar.
  3. "This is a great racing area, " he said.
  4. There are a few wet spots out there that are not in the racing area,
  5. Police said the man, who was not identified, was escorted from the race area and released.
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  7. Michael Burke, who lives a quarter-mile down the road from the race area, was last year's winner.
  8. Finishing seventh after two runs, Tomba marched out of the racing area with a grimace on his face.
  9. Even the golf course, some say, was built to create a buffer zone between black and mixed-race areas.
  10. We ran the full race area,
  11. The game features six racing areas ( Finland, Sweden, England, France, Africa and Germany ), with four tracks each.
  12. The drivers were caught by speed cameras set up on a short stretch of public road between designated race areas.
  13. The bombs in Worcester, a rural town northeast of Cape Town, were placed in a mostly mixed-race area of the town.
  14. If approaching on the water from upstream, beware of entering the flour mill race area on the right ( east ) bank.
  15. The place still has a feel of the college racing area that has produced more US Olympic skiers than any other single mountain.
  16. Many Jews lived in mixed race areas such as District Six, from where they were forcibly removed to make way for a whites-only development.
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