racing across america in a sentence

  1. In July 2006 Andretti took part in the Bullrun race across America.
  2. Previous to this event it was widely used in triathlon and Race Across America.
  3. Shermer suffered the condition about 2, 000 miles into the 1983 Race Across America.
  4. She won Race Across America 2010 ( One stage race ) on a Recumbent Bicycle.
  5. It serves as a time station for the Race Across America cross-country bike ride.
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  7. ESPN's " Racing Across America " often tries to strike that delicate balance.
  8. It was Aug . 6, Day 3 of the 1983 ultra-marathon bicycle Race Across America.
  9. Thomas actually had competed in the Race Across America before 1995, as part of a relay team.
  10. Volagi sponsored athletes such as Chris Ragsdale, compete in ultra-cycling events such as Race Across America.
  11. He became prominent for his multiple wins in the men's solo category of Race Across America ( RAAM ).
  12. A four-man team set the fastest time for the 1989 Race Across America, a record that still stands.
  13. Solo riders in the 16th consecutive Ensure Race Across America will blast off from the Irvine Holiday Inn Select on July 23.
  14. In 2009, the team won the Race Across America, having entered a team of cyclists who all had type 1 diabetes.
  15. In 2008, AFC competed in the 4-man division ( again using fixed gears ) in Race Across America ( RAAM ).
  16. In 2007, the Lon Haldeman Award was created to recognise the Race Across America team that raises the most charitable donations that year.
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