racinesses in a sentence

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  1. There is a perceived raciness to the course, sure.
  2. His prose is sometimes exaggeratedly witty, but vigor and raciness are ubiquitous.
  3. Extremes of cobbiness or raciness are undesirable in shows.
  4. It was the increasingly absurd raciness on television.
  5. He said that despite the raciness of her films she herself claimed little sexual experience.
  6. It's difficult to find racinesses in a sentence.
  7. No hint of raciness in public advertisements.
  8. In 1934, the Hays Office suggestions for eliminating raciness from the American screen became binding.
  9. But if you're missing that weekly dose of raciness, there's HBO.
  10. Their austerity comes as an almost welcome relief from the unremitting raciness of the main text.
  11. This is Cabaret said of Miss Behave that she  imprints the evening with unapologetic raciness and sardonic mockery.
  12. The wines occasionally lack the raciness of the best Sancerres, but the best of them can be sharp and refreshing.
  13. We can leave to researchers the resolution of the difficult calibration of proper raciness for early, middle and late afternoons.
  14. Still, for all the heat, glam and raciness of his clothes, there is an underlying classicism to Versace's work.
  15. Such implied raciness has an obvious, fun-loving appeal as a name for the next decade, but Child notes an interesting drawback.
  16. Angered by the raciness of his translations the Queen told Harington that he was to leave and not return until he had translated the entire poem.
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