racines in a sentence

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  1. Neely said he didn't think Racine did it intentionally.
  2. Racine has 25 percent of the French photo-developing market.
  3. Case, based in Racine, closed down 2 at 45.
  4. Instead, she once again became that teenager bicycling through Racine.
  5. He was the founding president of the Johnson Foundation in Racine.
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  7. Given time, she and Racine would make a terrific team.
  8. Racine : 23, the brunette with the burning competitive desire.
  9. Racine and Davidson were a glossy version of Oscar and Felix.
  10. Afterward, Racine and Davidson neither spoke nor made eye contact.
  11. Racine recruited Johnson away from Warner one week before the trials.
  12. Racine, however, expects Johnson to be ready to go.
  13. Racine and Johnson finished fifth in 1 : 38.73.
  14. Davidson and Racine were not just teammates, they were friends.
  15. Warner and Racine are tied for third in the world rankings.
  16. Racine said Sunday, breaking a monthlong silence on the issue.
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