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  1. All of which are essential to pursuing race equality in schools.
  2. He was Race Equalities Officer to the Labour Party nationally.
  3. NAACP leader urges greater school push toward race equality
  4. He also founded the think tank Race Equality West Midlands and the Herefordshire Equality Partnership.
  5. What we hope to achieve out of this conference is to look at issues to restore race equality,
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  7. Choudhury has led the organisation through its transition from the race equality council to a pan-equalities regional council.
  8. Zulfiqar joined the Leeds Local Education Authority as one of the Further Education advisers with additional responsibility for race equality issues.
  9. Marvin Rees was employed in the city of Bristol as the Programme Manager for race equality in mental health issues at NHS Bristol.
  10. Among features of the prison praised by the report were cleanliness, safety, race equality work, and interrelations between staff and prisoners.
  11. He has published several articles and books on mentoring, race equality issues, the history of ethnic minority communities in Britain and supplementary schooling.
  12. She was also chosen as one of the 100 role models in gender / race equality campaign launched by the European Union ( EU ).
  13. Indeed, there is not even general agreement that race equality and gender equality can be fruitfully viewed through the same prism at the same time.
  14. In 2000, The Chairman of Swansea Bay Race Equality Council said that'Devolution has brought a definite increase in anti-English behaviour '.
  15. Aston Jennings, late of Ealing Race Equality Council ) recall that a number of the Spurs fans were laughing at their players rather than cheering.
  16. The "'Race Equality Directive "'2000 / 43 / EC is an Act of the European Union, concerning European labour law.
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