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  1. He was also a founding investor in the Atlantic City Race Course.
  2. Across the nation, new tracks such as Birmingham Race Course have closed.
  3. In 1895 Thomas Saywell decided to build a race course in Brighton.
  4. At that time the track was called the East Tamaki Racing Course.
  5. The couple has come to Saratoga Race Course for about 20 years.
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  7. Already you knew he was sizing up the Block Island race course.
  8. Ward picked Prado for Sky Mesa at Saratoga Race Course this summer.
  9. They are simply that close in overall performance around the race course.
  10. Whirlaway has a race named in his honor at Saratoga Race Course.
  11. This race course is considered one of the top racecourses in India.
  12. The late 1800s were a period of decline for the Race Course.
  13. College coaches swarm over the Orlando race course to follow prize recruits.
  14. This is the meanest, nastiest race course, and qualifying is very difficult.
  15. He had met Technicolor head Herbert Kalmus at the Saratoga Race Course.
  16. We met a couple weeks later in Baltimore at Pimlico Race Course.
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