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  1. Last year I had 50 rabbits on the Staten Island ferry,
  2. Show-business parents are like rabbits on a highway.
  3. Combines photography of real rabbits on miniature sets with actors in costume.
  4. There may be 25, 000 rabbits on the island.
  5. Upon arrival in Wonderland, Jafar sends the White Rabbit on his way.
  6. It's difficult to find rabbit on in a sentence.
  7. The title refers to the Japanese myth about a rabbit on the moon.
  8. Have you seen how much I normally rabbit on?
  9. Adams was a fellow rabbit on the Tour.
  10. BURNING-RABBITS _ Were there hundreds of rabbits on fire in South Bay?
  11. Nobody wanted to play the rabbit on yet another hot and muggy Falmouth morn.
  12. She looks like Jessica Rabbit on bad acid.
  13. "Rabbits on the Run " received positive reviews from music critics.
  14. As the raw voice of dysfunction, Lewis is perfect _ Jessica Rabbit on downers.
  15. On Saturday night Pappy made shadow-pictures of rabbits on the wall with candlelight.
  16. Church on Sunday; community supper on Monday; clubbing jack rabbits on weekend evenings.
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