rabbis for human rights in a sentence

  1. Rabbis for Human Rights suspended their collaboration with Nawi until hearings could clarify the circumstances.
  2. Orthodox rabbis in organisations such as Rabbis for Human Rights are sadly the exception rather than the rule.
  3. Israeli fears are not without foundation, said Rabbi Arik Ascherman, of the group Rabbis for Human Rights.
  4. Rabbis for Human Rights seems as committed to bridge-building between the religions as any group in the region.
  5. During the last period of his life he was influential in setting up the Rabbis for Human Rights movement in Israel.
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  7. Rabbi Lippmann was co-chair of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America and continues to serve on the board.
  8. Furthermore, according to Rabbis for Human Rights, the Regavim evidence ignores British maps that demonstrate the villages'existence.
  9. Arik Ascherman, Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights, enjoined people to rally with him before a Court of Appeal.
  10. Whilst Rabbi at Alyth, Janner-Klausner began chairing British Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli human rights organisation.
  11. Amid this demographic backdrop, Ascherman's group, Rabbis for Human Rights, says Israel systematically discriminates against Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem.
  12. On Friday, 15 members of Rabbis for Human Rights and the Peace Now group kicked off a campaign against house demolitions by helping Atrash rebuild.
  13. Her second visit was in June 2000, this time in response to invitations from Rabbis for Human Rights and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.
  14. "They started threatening us and pushing us and throwing rocks, " said Arik Ascherman, leader of the group Rabbis for Human Rights.
  15. According to rabbi Barry Leff of the Israeli NGO Rabbis for Human Rights, the price tag policy is forbidden by halacha ( Jewish religious law ).
  16. Two dozen members of the group Rabbis for Human Rights drove to Kufr Haris on Friday in hopes of helping Abu Yakoub rebuild . str-db / kl
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