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  1. As to the author of the Targum, Mordecai knows him only through the Rabbinite authorities.
  2. Despite such tensions, in 1680 Rabbinite community leaders defended the Karaites of Shaty ( near Trakai ) against blood accusation.
  3. During the late 19th century, Russian authorities began to differentiate Karaite Jews from Rabbinite Jews, freeing them from various antisemitic laws that affected Rabbinic Jews.
  4. Most notable among the opposition to Karaite thought and practice at this time are the writings of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, which eventually led to a permanent split between some Karaite and Rabbinite communities.
  5. Jacob ben Reuben has been wrongly identified with the Rabbinite translator of the " Liber Lapidum " ( by the Jacob ben Reuben, author of the anti-Christian work " Milhamot Adonai ."
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  7. Like all the Karaite leaders, he was a very active Castilian Rabbinite named al-Taras, who, after having accepted the Karaite teachings, returned to his native country, where he organized a powerful propaganda by circulating Jeshua's writings.
  8. According to Harkavy, however, no epitaph earlier than 1203 can be seen at the cemetery of Chufut-Kale, called " Vale of Jehoshaphat "; and the tombs do not belong to Karaites, but to the old Rabbinite settlers called Krymchaks.
  9. :Note : Jewish Kalam is adopted by the Rabbinite Academies of Kairouan, Fostat, Lucena, Toledo and Cordoba as the Babylonian Jewish Academies in Sura, Pumbeditha, Basra and Baghdad close and transfer their intellectual / religious heritage to al-Andalus.
  10. In many instances their religious elders, or priestly class, known as " kessim " or " qessotch ", interpreted the Biblical Law of the Tanakh in a way similar to the rabbinite Jewish communities in other parts of the world.
  11. That the personage of the exilarch was familiar to Muslim circles is also shown by the fact that the Rabbinite Jews were called " Jaluti ", that is, those belonging to the exilarch, in contradistinction to the Karaites [ " ibid . " ].
  12. But one manuscript copy, modified and amplified by a Rabbinite copyist, came into the hands of the Hebraist Johann Christoph Wagenseil, who published it, with a Latin translation and an extensive refutation, under the sensational title of " Tela ignea Satanae " ( The Fiery Darts of Satan; Altorf, 1681 ).
  13. Thus in the section dealing with the calendar, in which the year 1007 is mentioned, Levi states that in Iraq the Karaites in their determination of Rosh ha-Shannah, resembled the Rabbinites in so far as, like them, they took for their basis the autumnal equinox, while in some places the Karaites adopted the Rabbinite calendar completely.
  14. Leon Nemoy notes, " Natronai, scarcely ninety years after  Anan's secession, tells us nothing about his aristocratic ( Davidic ) descent or about the contest for the office of exilarch which allegedly served as the immediate cause of his apostasy . " He later notes that Natronai  a devout Rabbinite Jew  lived where  Anan's activities took place, and that the Karaite sage Ya akov Al-Qirqisani never mentioned  Anan's purported lineage or candidacy for exilarch.
  15. These four questions were : ( 1 ) Is the Karaite sect identical with that which existed at the time of the Second Temple under the name " Sadducees, " or did it originate with Anan ben David, as the Rabbinites assert ? ( 2 ) Was Aquila, the proselyte, to whom Menahem Qala'i had addressed letters, identical with the Greek translator or with the author of the Targum ? ( 3 ) Is the " Moreh Aharon " identical with the " Sefer ha-Mitzvot " of Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia; if not, who was its author ? ( 4 ) Has the Karaite Bible any variants from the Rabbinite Bible, and what is the prevailing belief among the Karaites with regard to the time of the introduction of vowels and accents?

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