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  1. Lighting " Shabbat " candles is a rabbinically mandated law.
  2. Although, this is rabbinically prohibited.
  3. But for the community as a whole, we have articulated what we feel rabbinically is an appropriate standard.
  4. Rabbinically it is forbidden to climb a tree, for fear this may lead to one tearing off a branch.
  5. It is also forbidden rabbinically to ride an animal, as one may unthinkingly detach a stick to hit the animal with.
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  7. A shinuy transforms an act from one that is biblically forbidden to one that is rabbinically prohibited, thereby making it less of an offense.
  8. The former refers to halachic requirements that rabbinic literature understands to be Biblically mandated, while the latter refers to halachic requirements that are rabbinically mandated.
  9. In Orthodox Judaism, accordingly, studying the Temple ritual on Yom Kippur represents a positive rabbinically ordained obligation which Jews seeking atonement are required to fulfill.
  10. The three weeks of mourning between the 17th of Tammuz and 9th of Av is cited as a rabbinically instituted period of fasting for the " especially pious ".
  11. They must maintain a kosher diet _ rabbinically certified meat, no pork or shellfish, separate dishes for meat and dairy _ and marry within the Orthodox Jewish community.
  12. And even the ultra-Orthodox, who will shun rabbinically approved dairy cookies unless the milk used has been given extra supervision, will eat Stella D'Oro.
  13. This account maintains that " Ishmael ben Elisha " is a rabbinically sanctioned cognomen for Elisha ben Abbuyah ( the " Akher " of the Bavli's account ).
  14. Since the Shabbat morning " kiddush " is rabbinically rather than biblically mandated, it has a lesser status than the Friday night " kiddush ".
  15. Although most of the rabbis in the Talmud considered the Deuteronomic law to refer only to marriage to Canaanites, they considered all religious intermarriage to be prohibited at least rabbinically.
  16. During his youth, Moses Josef was Rabbinically ordained by the leading Halachik figures of his time such as Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum of Sighet and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Tsirelson of Kishinev among others,
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