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  1. He became a prolific author of scholarly articles for rabbinical journals.
  2. There are younger Ethiopian Jews who are pursuing Orthodox rabbinical studies.
  3. Until now, however, rabbinical courts have usually avoided compulsion.
  4. He said he would consult his party's rabbinical sages.
  5. Rabbinical writings have identified Kush as corresponding to modern day Ethiopia.
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  7. Many men make careers of studying religious works in rabbinical colleges.
  8. Rabbinical Assembly : http : / / www . rabassembly . org
  9. It's based on pathology and rabbinical rulings ."
  10. Classical sharia incorporated the religious laws and courts of rabbinical courts.
  11. The institution was the first modern rabbinical seminary in Central Europe.
  12. In Israel there are rabbinical courts for matters of personal status.
  13. No other rabbinical work compares with it in wealth of material.
  14. In the 4th century, it was a Jewish rabbinical town.
  15. Rabbinical Judaism originates from the Pharisees of the Second Temple period.
  16. In rabbinical interpretation a continuing application of the commandment is identified.
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