rabbinical writings in a sentence

  1. Rabbinical writings have identified Kush as corresponding to modern day Ethiopia.
  2. Rabbinical writings describe Samael as the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of Edom.
  3. Cartwright illustrated the Bible from ancient rabbinical writings, and was respectfully mentioned by contemporaries.
  4. The story is also found in the Talmud, and in rabbinical writings in the Middle Ages.
  5. He based his ruling on ancient rabbinical writings that appear to ban the treatment of non-Jews on the Sabbath.
  6. It's difficult to find rabbinical writings in a sentence.
  7. In rabbinical writings up to the present, he is almost invariably referred to as " Nimrod the Evil " ( ).
  8. Another of area of his research is related to an identification of the flora and fauna mentioned in the Scriptures and the rabbinical writings.
  9. This collection, which reached even distant Jewish communities, is of importance for the geographical names in rabbinical writings and in bills of divorce.
  10. Both movements reject the central tenet of Orthodoxy : that the bible, oral tradition and later rabbinical writings are all the revealed word of God.
  11. The museum shows rabbinical writings on taxation in Judaism, as well as a modern ruling from a judge in Nazareth commenting that even Christ paid taxes.
  12. Seligman said dishes similar to those found in the cave have already been unearthed in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter and match descriptions of holy vessels in rabbinical writings of the time.
  13. In rabbinical writings the " orlah "-prohibition ( Hebrew : ????? ???? ) is counted as one of the negative commandments among the rabbinical enumeration of 613 commandments.
  14. In these places, the synagogue would replace the destroyed Temple, with new liturgical services, prayers, and rabbinical writings oriented to mourning the loss of both the Temple and personal freedom.
  15. Revisionist historical accounts depicting the massacre as self-defense, which have roots in Chabad rabbinical writings, are a canard which will continue to haunt the page ( see " Baruch Hagever " ).
  16. But some Orthodox rabbis do not believe that fundamental change will occur _ in particular for the prohibition on male homosexuality, which appears in the Torah . ( The rule against lesbianism appears in rabbinical writings .)
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