r a in a sentence

"r a" in Chinese  
  1. Then they decided to incorporate Nacho GG-R as bassist to the band.
  2. The stability limit is at r C / r A = 0.414
  3. So I labeled Dr . R a rhetorician, with as much justification.
  4. The Library of Congress uses CD-R as one of its storage methods.
  5. He finally made the transition to A & R a year later.
  6. It's difficult to find r a in a sentence.
  7. In tha |; 0 r a few illicit bucks under the table.
  8. It fails WP : V and WP : RS as a self-published website.
  9. Billroth Hospital has its branches in Shenoy Nagar, R A Puram and Tiruvallur.
  10. For a disk with the same radius r as the planet.
  11. \R A trade \ S is almost out of the question.
  12. Brushed finishes are popular in both small appliances and R a.
  13. They have registered both Randmint and R . M . R as trademarks
  14. I'd back th'Aujitoroom again it anny day f'r a foot race.
  15. How can I make r as subject of the following formula?
  16. where " R a bcd " are the components of the Riemann tensor.
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