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  1. Quillwork strips were often used to conceal a shirt's seams.
  2. Quillwork never died out as a living art form in the Northern Plains.
  3. Hardisty worked in quillwork, beadwork, and embroidery.
  4. She often privileges patterns and lines that replicate quillwork, beadwork, and textiles.
  5. You can find it in all the reservations, in beadwork, paintings, quillwork.
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  7. Plains quillwork is characterized by bands of rectangles creating geometrical patterns found also in Plains painting.
  8. Some communities that had lost their quillwork tradition have been able to revive the art form.
  9. Her quillwork is labor-intensive.
  10. The four most common techniques for quillwork are appliqu? embroidery, wrapping, and loom weaving.
  11. In 1999, Hardisty led a quillwork workshop in Fort Simpson with Jane Grossetete and Caroline Bonnetrouge.
  12. She specialized in porcupine quillwork and earned a reputation as one of the best sewers in the region.
  13. The Dene Cultural Institute held two workshops there in 1999 and 2000, effectively reviving quillwork in Wha Ti.
  14. The Sioux Quilled Pipe Bag at left is decorated with quillwork forming flora and fauna, buffalo and caterpillars.
  15. Traditionally these consisted of quillwork designs; more modern versions are often buckskin fringe have also been used to decorate tipi covers.
  16. The tan, gray and white cover is designed with motifs abstracted from nature that are pieced out in quillwork in repeating geometric devices.
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