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  1. Quillon talks to Tulwar about his deceptions then spits up blood and passes out.
  2. A brass quillon, usually cast in a mold, was attached to protect the hand.
  3. Soon Quillon and Meroka run into a Skullboy caravan and find two prisoners who they release.
  4. He summons Meroka, one of his extraction specialists, to help Quillon out of the city.
  5. They are met with Tulwar's militia force that escort Quillon and Meroka to the Red Dragon Bathhouse.
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  7. Some schools like a hybrid quillon design that is adequate for both flipping and trapping, but optimal for neither.
  8. The two prisoners that Quillon and Meroka released are mother Kalis and daughter Nimcha who both bear the Tectomancer birthmark.
  9. Quillon finds out that the serum that Ricasso had been preparing before serves as an effective anti-zonal medication.
  10. Quillon-daggers remained popular in the 16th century, after the sword type it resembled had fallen out of use.
  11. It was basket hilted ( often with an imbedded quillon for an upper guard ) and its blade was double edged.
  12. The first six issue limited series introduces the main character Torin Mac Quillon, a Celtic warrior from the time of the Roman Empire.
  13. It is a standalone novel set in the distant future, and it chronicles the journey of Quillon, a pathologist forced into exile.
  14. Meroka finds out that Quillon is an angel and as she had a chequered past with the angels, no longer speaks to him.
  15. Ricasso tells Quillon about his research into finding a complete cure for zone sickness, which would allow people to cross zone boundaries at will.
  16. Quillon takes great measures to hide their identity from Swarm because they are as prejudiced as all the other outerland peoples about these " witches ".
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