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  1. Le Bal Caf?is operated by Alice Quillet, Anna Trattles and Anselme Blayney.
  2. Physicians and psychologists today attribute much of the activities to sexual hysteria, alluded to so long ago by Quillet.
  3. Diaper also tried his hand at translation, producing an " imitation " of the seventeenth epistle of the first book of Horace and a version of part of the fourth book of Quillet's " Callipaedia ".
  4. "The colors may fade, the fabric wears thin, but the original design will last as long as the pagne does, " says Jean-Pierre Quillet, chief designer at Woodin, Abidjan's top fabric store.
  5. Fowler collected some of his journalistic articles into volumes and published them pseudonymously, including " More Popular Fallacies " ( 1904 ) by " Quillet ", and " Si mihi  ! " ( 1907 ) by " Egomet ".
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  7. Mingling were Roche ( M ) Sdn Bhd medical director Dr Muhammad Iqbal, administration manager Celia Tham, regulatory affairs manager Lee Kim Beng, business unit manager Jaclyn Quay, regulatory affairs executive Mohd Fauzi Zakaria, product manager Chris Wong and Olivier Quillet from Roche Vietnam.
  8. "What we see every day is that the number of people developing AIDS and dying is very high and it's not declining at all, " said Catherine Quillet, the chief of the French mission of Medecins Sans Frontiers, also known as Doctors Without Borders.
  9. However, when looking up his " Quillet encyclop閐ique " at the word " conf閐閞ation ", he reads that all confederations tend to transform into federations, and that a federation differs from a confederation in that the member states dispose of a reduced interior sovereignty and lose their exterior sovereignty.
  10. In the earlier case at Loudun, a local doctor named Claude Quillet wrote, " These poor little devils of nuns, seeing themselves shut up within four walls, become madly in love, fall into a melancholic delirium, worked upon by the desires of the flesh, and in truth, what they need to be perfectly cured is a remedy of the flesh . 
  11. Dictionnaire des Dictionnaires puts it is as " the meeting, by coincidence, of different things at the same place . " Dictionnaire Encyclop閐ique Quillet describes it as a situation created as a result of some events or interests meeting at the same time and place . " Kathleen Christison, in her book on Palestine, interprets this term as a " unique constellation of forces ".

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