question and answering in a sentence

"question and answering" in Chinese  
  1. Most simply, by asking yourself some questions and answering them honestly.
  2. The revision programme will emphasise the past year examination questions and answering techniques,
  3. Students are both afraid of asking questions and answering questions.
  4. I was asking myself questions and answering them.
  5. While mulling over arbcom candidacy questions and answering, I discovered that I had not seen this board-Wikipedia : General sanctions-until today.
  6. It's difficult to find question and answering in a sentence.
  7. The last instance of the Supreme Court accepting a set of questions and answering them was in a case in 1982.
  8. Attempting the question and answering incorrectly incurred the same penalty as in regular play, with a reduction of their pre-tournament winnings to $ 25, 000.
  9. Basically, I'm asking people to review the article in question and answering the question, " how would you handle this " with one of four options:
  10. The network has elements of gamification in the form of motivational points and encourages users to engage in the online community by asking questions and answering those of other students.
  11. Schwarz's research implicates the operation of these maxims during various stages of the survey question and answering process, and highlights how features of the research instrument can significantly impact the answers obtained.
  12. On Thursday, Bob Montgomery, a lawyer representing her in a suit against Valor Corp ., the Florida-based distributor of the . 25-caliber gun used to kill her husband, sat with her, comforting her through some of the difficult questions and answering some about the law.
  13. The inscription loosely follows the pattern of the Merseburg Incantations, divided into two complementary parts, but where the Merseburger invokes a mythic event and calls for an exorcistic repetition, the Eggja composer seems to twice invoke a ritual, the first time listing two desired outcomes, in the second instance asking a question and answering it.

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