quarter block in a sentence

  1. About a quarter block later, Danny has put that comment in perspective.
  2. A quarter block site on 27th and Eye St . was purchased.
  3. Each solar ( quarter block ) was given to the settlers, who built houses of mud and straw.
  4. Stretched over a quarter block of land near Oakland's waterfront, it looks austere from the outside, a vast expanse of corrugated steel.
  5. LODGING : The Historic Taos Inn is a wonderful lodging option, just a quarter block north of the Taos Plaza on Paseo del Pueblo Norte.
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  7. He provided a key fourth-quarter block that freed Adrian Murrell on a 17-yard run that allowed the Cowboys to burn the remainder of the clock.
  8. Williams'second-quarter block on Jurkovic, which forced the Packer defender out of the conference championship game with a torn ligament in his knee, indeed was a nasty blow.
  9. Wilkins was also upset because right after the third-quarter block, Day went up to Hamer, only a few inches away from Wilkins, and said, " Good block, baby.
  10. Hilario said before struggling to a 2-of-7 shooting night for 5 points, his biggest moment coming with a fourth-quarter block of an Anthony Johnson drive and a finger wag that followed.
  11. "I was trying to be as active as I could out there, get in the mix, " said Ostertag, whose five fourth-quarter blocks made it easier to overlook his 2-for-6 free-throw shooting.
  12. A plat on a 1796 insurance policy shows eight buildings on the quarter block, valued at a total of $ 11, 500, including a " Rabbit House " and a " Pigeon House ".
  13. This multifunctional facility with nearly of working space, includes six buildings : a hospital, a multi-purpose building, a restaurant, two staff quarter blocks and a single-storey changing block ( Architectural Services Department, 1997 ).
  14. Both of the fourth-quarter blocks came on plays that began at the Texas 48-yard line and involved two deep snappers : Marcel Blanchard and walk-on Hunter McWilliams, son of former Texas coach David McWilliams.
  15. Ultimately, the game-savers for the Cardinals were Bernard Wilson's second-quarter block of a 33-yard field goal try by Washington's Cary Blanchard, and their season-high 188 rushing yards _ 92 from Adrian Murrell, 56 from Mario Bates _ which ate just enough clock.
  16. Aside from the Jacob Kamm home and property, he also owned a half-block building at Front and Pine, a quarter block at Third and Yamhill, a quarter block at First and Washington, the Vancouver Transportation Company, was a " heavy stockholder " in the First National Bank of Astoria, and a " heavy stockholder " in the First National Bank of Portland.
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