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  1. McCartney was invited to join the Quarry Men two weeks later.
  2. To the discomfort was added the natural wariness of our quarry.
  3. "There's a quarry out there ."
  4. One route led through a garbage dump and an abandoned quarry.
  5. He cut and finished the rocks himself at a Vermont quarry.
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  7. The Stokeses responded with the excitement of predators spotting their quarry.
  8. The most adventurous might pursue both quarries on the same day.
  9. Its original sandstone came from Virginia quarries owned by George Washington.
  10. Quarry had an appeal that made the public snap up tickets,
  11. Otherwise, what Quarry had to endure makes no sense whatsoever.
  12. But she is also famously aggressive in pursuit of her quarry.
  13. The quarry looks even today like the unholiest of holy places.
  14. Caterpillar's dividend doesn't end at the quarry.
  15. The government's pursuit was as erratic as its quarry.
  16. Through the 1950s, inmates pounded rocks in a prison quarry.
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