quarks in a sentence

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  1. Why DID the top quark turn out to be so massive?
  2. Quark announced its interest in Adobe after the stock market closed.
  3. Privately held Quark made the announcement after the stock market closed.
  4. In the meantime, Shimerman adds, Quark is just fine.
  5. It is as if these quarks are bound by rubber bands.
  6. It's difficult to find quarks in a sentence.
  7. In Poland and Germany, chives are served with quark cheese.
  8. These three colored quarks together form a color-neutral baryon.
  9. One model describes the core as superfluid quark-degenerate matter.
  10. Quark confesses his part, and helps reunite Ishka and Zek.
  11. Other scenarios include unusual supernova remnants or a quark-nova.
  12. The Quark in its current form will not go into production.
  13. Physical particles, like quarks, might also be natural kinds.
  14. More information about this can be found in the QuArK Infobase.
  15. The Quarks have meanwhile begun work on drilling the outer boreholes.
  16. It is now understood as a result of the quark model.
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