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  1. Quark - gluon plasma
  2. The finite - temperature field theory is widely used to investigate the property of quark - gluon plasma
  3. Besides the formation of quark - gluon plasma , there are many mechanisms in hadron environment which lead to j / suppression
  4. Quantum chromodaynamics predicts that at high temperature and high density a deconfined phase from hadronic matter to quark - gluon plasma will occur
  5. There are many ways to diagnose signal for quark - gluon plasma , such as direct photon , dilepton enhancement , strangeness enhancement , j / suppression and so on
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  7. One of the main objectives of the future high - energy experiments is to detect a new state of matter called the quark - gluon plasma ( qgp )
  8. The huge energy - momentum of particles can be transformed into thermal energy by accelerator experiment at high energy to study perturbative vacuum of quantum chromodynamics and determine the signal of quark - gluon plasma
  9. The primary goal of heavy ion experiment is to create environment for the formation of quark - gluon plasma . the formation of this state depends on the initial conditions of the matter created at the early stage of heavy ion collisions
  10. Therefore in terms of relativistic heavy ion collisions it is possible for quark and gluon to deconfine in wider range and form quark - gluon plasma . the initial consideration of j / ? suppression in deconfined medium is based on color screening
  11. Although a discovery has not yet been announced , many physicists believe that a quark - gluon plasma , which would provide clues about the early universe , has been created in heavy - ion collisions in the relativistic heavy ion collider ( rhic ) at the brookhaven lab
  12. Up to now , research on strong interaction with theory model , such as the diagnosing the signal of quark - gluon plasma existence , mostly based on quark - gluon plasma system in high energy heavy ion collision is in chemical and thermal equilibrium
  13. The operation and first collisions of au nuclei in the relativistic heavy ion collider ( rhic ) at brookhaven national laboratory ( bnl ) during year 2000 began a new era in the study of nuclear matter at high energy density and the search of quark - gluon plasma ( qgp )
  14. The prime aim of the experiment is to study the production of the quark - gluon plasma at high temperatures and high energy densities . phos ( photon spectrometer ) is the electromagnetic calorimeter of high granularity integrated in the alice experiment

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