quarians in a sentence

  1. If the latter is chosen, Koris would back up Shepard in making peace for both quarians and geth.
  2. With Gillian's biotics, the quarians kill most of the slavers and take control of their ship.
  3. Her final new appearance was chosen as it distinguished the character from other quarians introduced in the second game.
  4. She reveals that she wishes to return the geth to the control of their rightful masters, the quarians who originally created them.
  5. Regardless of whether the heretics were rewritten or destroyed, the quarians, in an attempt to retake Rannoch, their homeworld, attacked first.
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  7. If the quarians are able to re-settle on Rannoch, Admiral Raan will change her name to Admiral Shala'Raan vas Rannoch.
  8. Initial concept drawings for Tali and the quarians were finished before the geth's, but the final geth design then influenced the quarian look.
  9. If Shepard picks the geth over the quarians and Raan has taken Tali's role, she will commit suicide by shooting herself in the head.
  10. Shepard has the choice to allow Legion to upload his software upgrades to the geth, allowing them to become truly sentient, or allow the quarians to destroy them.
  11. Lemm took them to safety aboard the Migrant Fleet, however the three were isolated aboard their shuttle on the Idenna while the quarians debated what to do with them.
  12. She thanks Shepard for this, saying that Quarians are treated as second-class citizens by other races and Shepard is the first to treat her as an equal.
  13. Regardless of how the situation between the quarians and the geth is resolved, Legion's name is engraved on the memorial wall on the " Normandy ".
  14. However the code is incomplete, and the only way to prevent the quarians from slaughtering the geth is for it to disperse its own code throughout the collective, effectively deactivating it.
  15. Unfortunately, just as the quarians made their decision about what to do with them, the Idenna came under attack; Gillian's father had followed them to the Migrant Fleet with a squad of Cerberus commandos.
  16. When the Idenna comes under attack from the Glory of Khar'shan, a batarian slave ship, Gillian's advanced biotic abilities turn the tables on the slavers and allow the quarians to capture their ship.
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