quaresma in a sentence

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  1. Quaresma gained 3 France, in a 2-1 win.
  2. The government fired Quaresma and the entire central bank board.
  3. Midfielder Ricardo Quaresma opened the scoring in the second minute.
  4. Porto improved once Benni McCarthy was sent on for Quaresma.
  5. A teardrop tattoo is worn by Portuguese footballer Ricardo Quaresma.
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  7. Quaresma was seen as crazy by the press and was harshly satirized.
  8. Jorge declined to say whether Quaresma would be extradited.
  9. Quaresma was having dinner when he suddenly fell ill.
  10. Porto improved once McCarthy was sent on for Quaresma.
  11. When the revolt is subdued, Quaresma is put in charge of prisoners.
  12. Quaresma alleged that the president and two former prime ministers knew about the transaction.
  13. Quaresma struck for Sporting in the 61st minute while Adriano equalized in the 85th.
  14. Quaresma has wowed fans with his fancy footwork down the right flank for Sporting.
  15. Only winger Ricardo Quaresma has shone so far.
  16. Quaresma has sent a team to the French capital to try and trace the money.
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