quantities of in a sentence

"quantities of" in Chinese  
  1. Iran provided equivalent quantities of oil for export in the Persian Gulf.
  2. The Soviet army also carted off enormous quantities of art from Germany.
  3. Large quantities of drugs make their way to Russia through those countries.
  4. He turned over a huge quantity of classified documents to the Israelis.
  5. The houses were blown up by large quantities of explosives on Wednesday.
  6. It's difficult to find quantities of in a sentence.
  7. Police did not specify the quantity of methamphetamine sold to prisoners.
  8. Very little is needed to make a significant quantity of skin.
  9. The statement said an unknown quantity of contraband goods were seized.
  10. What surprises me is the quantity of expensive cookware we sell.
  11. Vast quantities of minerals and metals were brought to the surface.
  12. The Soviet army carted off enormous quantities of art from Germany.
  13. Oil from different geological sources contains distinguishing quantities of this isotope.
  14. The plant sheds large quantities of pollen until the first frost.
  15. The KNU said its fighters seized a large quantity of supplies.
  16. The most important decision lies in the quantity of rice used.
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