quantities delivered in a sentence

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  1. The revenues will depend on the delivery time, distance, and quantity delivered.
  2. The main reason for dismal quantities delivered was that producing charcoal almost always was less profitable than other use of the timber.
  3. While venoms are by definition toxic substances, most spiders do not have venom that is toxic to humans ( in the quantities delivered ) to require medical attention.
  4. Around three or four thousand tons of steel was scrapped, some of which was used for temporary purposes, resulting in the discrepancy between the quantity delivered and the quantity erected.
  5. According to the bill itself, all agricultural providers will be required to 1 ) measure the water volume delivered to customers, and 2 ) adopt a pricing structure that is based on quantity delivered.
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  7. The result of experiments made at different speeds was that at 22 miles an hour the delivery was 1, 060 gallons; 33, 1, 080; 41, 1, 150; and 50, 1, 070; showing that the quantity delivered varies very little at speeds above 22 miles an hour, which is accounted for by the shorter times the scoop is passing through the water.

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