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  1. The price tag for such items will depend on their quality.
  2. While of medium quality, the Parker holdings included some charmers.
  3. These marketing orders control the quality of the fruit we supply.
  4. We prefer to call it a debate over quality and standards.
  5. The leaves of the tree are prized for their aromatic qualities.
  6. It's difficult to find quality in a sentence.
  7. The technology is touted as having better voice quality than cellular.
  8. For all their enduring qualities, fables are rather fragile things.
  9. Music by itself has qualities that push opera toward simpler outlines.
  10. Put those two qualities together and you have a best seller.
  11. Quality turned to the lands of Minnesota to depict tranquil scenes.
  12. However, many of the cheaper fonts are of inferior quality.
  13. Young men today have significantly poorer quality sperm than their fathers.
  14. Critics say low-cost HMOs may sacrifice quality of care.
  15. Meyney has a reputation for solid wines and consistently high quality.
  16. "It's about the quality of the food.
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